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New Bike Signage on the Trail - Follow the Blazes! Wayfinding on Baltimore's Gwynns Falls Trail is made easier for bikers by a system of directional markers at key points on the route. Urban trails have multiple intersections and trail crossings, and there never can be enough signs erected. Plus, bikers are frequently looking down to check the trail ahead of them, so makers on the pavement are often more effective. Find similar directional blazes on Baltimore's Jones Fall Trail, as well.

Baltimore Greenway to the Chesapeake Bay - Download or listen to an audio tour on the Gwynns Falls Trail with trail historian Ed Orser and audio artist Steve Bradley.

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Over 1000 riders participate each year in Tour dem Parks, Hon! Check out these photos of riders coming through Winans Meadow.

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The Gwynns Falls – Baltimore Greenway to the Chesapeake Bay , a book by W. Edward Orser, is now available. Click to find out more!

Listen as Nathan Sterner of National Public Radio (NPR) laces up his hiking boots for a stroll through the scenery - and the history - of the Gwynns Falls Trail with UMBC American Studies Professor Edward Orser. Professor Orser is the author of the new book The Gwynns Falls - Baltimore Greenway to the Chesapeake Bay .

Hear more as Nathan and Ed talk about a huge water wheel which can be seen along the Gwynns Falls Trail, in a part of Leakin Park that was once the country estate of railroad magnate Thomas Winans. Today, no one is sure how - or even if - the wheel worked.

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The Trail is the best place to bike according to the City Paper!

Learn more about FALLS INTO WORDS , a folklore collection project!

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The Gwynns Falls Trail

All 15 miles of the Gwynns Falls Trail are open. The easiest way to get on the Trail is to start at one of the 9 Trailheads (most with parking). Trailhead 1 is at the I-70 Park & Ride near Security Blvd. at the City-County boundary. From there, the Trail generally follows the Gwynns Falls stream southeast to the Middle Branch and the Inner Harbor of the Northwest Branch of the Patapsco River. The Gwynns Falls Trail is a unique urban hiking and biking Trail providing access to a scenic and historic greenway stream valley in Baltimore City.

Check out the new Gwynns Falls Trail Map and Information Guide or view special points of interest and activities along the Trail. Paper maps are available at most Trailheads or contact the Parks & People Foundation.

Read THE GWYNNS FALLS WATERSHED ECOLOGICAL RESOURCE ATLAS . This Atlas documents the environmental and cultural resources found within the Gwynns Falls Watershed.

Go to the Apple App Store and purchase the Gwynns Falls Trail app to help you navigate the Trail and access loads of Trail information.

Gwynns Falls Trail is part of the Baltimore National Heritage Area.

A Unique Urban Greenway and Stream Valley Connector for Baltimore

The Trail travels through an environmentally valuable urban greenway park in west and southwest Baltimore City along the Gwynns Falls stream valley. The greenway now connects over 2000 acres of publicly owned parkland within the Gwynns Falls stream valley and includes one of the largest woodland parks in the Eastern United States - Gwynns Falls and Leakin Parks. These parks alone encompass 1200 acres and house approximately 20 miles of additional paths that wander up and down the parks' slopes. These paths are wonderful for hiking and are especially unique in an urban setting.

The Gwynns Falls Trail is a continuous recreation corridor that connects over 30 neighborhoods in west and southwest Baltimore with parklands, unique urban environmental features, cultural resources and historic landmarks. Local residents and visitors are able to bike, hike, roller blade, fish in the stream, picnic, watch for birds and other wildlife, undertake environmental education activities, find solitude and enjoy nature, host community festivals and meet friends and neighborhood residents along the Trail.

Take a look at the various informational panels on display along the Trail by clicking the text links below. Or, open the small Baltimore City map below and access the panel information by clicking on one of the 31 numbered areas along the Gwynns Falls Trail.

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